7 Things Small Businesses Should Do To Successfully Advertise in Portland

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Feb 26, 2021 9:45:00 AM

7 Things Small Businesses Should Do To Successfully Advertise in Portland

It’s crucial for small businesses serving specific areas to build a sense of community in their region. Local support is hugely beneficial, especially alongside a strong online presence. If you're looking for some ideas to connect with consumers in the Portland area, the following are some local advertising tips for local businesses. By taking these opportunities, you can build relationships with people in the community and establish yourself as a trustworthy and community-oriented business.

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1. Partner with Local Organizations

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 10.29.55 AMWorking with local organizations shows you care about giving back to the Portland community through your business. Partner with organizations for charities and initiatives, like local food drives that establish you as a valuable contributor to the community. 

Hosting or sponsoring other local events through partnerships also does wonders for your community standing. While many live events might not be viable yet due to the pandemic, you still have plenty of ways to get involved in virtual events. That way, people associate you with other reputable companies and nonprofits in the Portland area.

2. Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to partnering with organizations, sponsoring local events similarly shows your support of the community. Portland has no shortage of sponsorship opportunities. You could do everything from sponsoring small, area sports teams and sponsoring virtual events to hosting food or toy drives. 

Prominently appearing as a sponsor for events that improve the community leaves a positive impression of your brand. In this way, sponsorships can be a great way to increase your brand awareness.

3. Advertise on a Local TV Station

Another way to reach out to relative audiences is to advertise on local TV. Portland’s popular local TV station is a fantastic platform for your brand to reach the community. Advertise during news or sports programs, or have your brand featured on lifestyle programs. Regardless of your brand or audience, local TV offers plenty of opportunities to reach them. Learn How to Develop a Commercial That Gets Results

4. Target Local Audience Segments

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 10.30.59 AMWith a combination of both digital marketing and TV advertising, you can optimize your ads to specifically target local audiences. Conduct research on your audience to find out what people in Portland want to see from your brand. 

Target different segments based on different local demographics and needs. Then implement this knowledge in your ads and marketing efforts. Cater your messaging and ad creative to appeal to different audience segments. Your local SEO efforts help you appear at the top of search engine results for locally targeted queries. 

5. Incorporate Email Marketing Techniques

Don't hesitate to use email marketing to connect with new leads and existing customers. Forty-nine percent of people would like to see promotional emails from their favorite companies. There are other ways you can use email to keep in touch with audiences. 

Email marketing is a great way to update audiences about:

  • Changes to your business
  • Upcoming events to build hype
  • Promote new products or services 
  • Share new educational blog posts

You can attract interest from local audiences by coming up with locally relevant topics.

Communicating the COVID-19 precautions your business is taking through email appeals to your local customers. Let people know how your business is working to keep the community safe by offering curbside pick-up and hands-free delivery. Also, address other in-store protocols such as limiting the number of guests and mask requirements. Detailing how you're keeping people safe builds more trust and encourages people to do business with you in these times.

6. Implied Endorsements and Partnerships

Working with popular personalities in the Portland community increases your brand recognition and trust. Implied endorsements effectively communicate that your business supports local initiatives, teams, or other entities. 

An implied endorsement or a partnership with someone familiar to your audiences can also put a face to your brand. Consider connecting with someone exclusively well-known in the Portland area to boost your brand's reputation. This could include: 

  • Local personalities 
  • Podcast hosts 
  • Politicians
  1. Keep It Weird!

Portlanders are familiar with the saying "Keep Portland Weird," which speaks to the engaged mentality of those in the area. Portland is unique. The people in Portland pride themselves on their accommodation of eccentricities and self-expression, promoting individuality over uniformity. Your advertising can put your brand on the same level by appealing to these sensibilities.

With effective local advertising behind your brand, you can reach audiences across Portland using a variety of channels. When advertising in Portland, a combination of partnerships with local organizations, targeted TV and digital campaigns, implied endorsements, sponsorships, and "keeping it weird," helps you resonate with people in this community.

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