Home Improvement Businesses: Long and Short-Term Reasons to Advertise Now

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Jun 9, 2020 12:00:00 PM


Spring is a historically busy time for home improvement businesses, even during the current pandemic. As COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to lift, consumers are looking to start new projects or resume previous ones. Now is the time to ensure that your marketing reflects the current demands and needs of your consumers. 

According to Houzz, 51% of home improvement projects that were already underway in March continued through the shutdown, and only 1% canceled a project altogether. As the weather gets warmer and people are still spending more time at home, consumers are beginning to take on more home improvement projects. Here are a few short-term and long-term benefits of advertising your business now.   

Short-Term Benefits

A common marketing goal is fundamentally to build brand awareness and get the attention of your target audience. Short-term strategies typically include a detailed action plan for allocating marketing resources to various platforms. Your short-term strategies should connect with your customers on a personal level. The best way to connect with your audience right now is to utilize digital platforms, such as your website and social media channels.

Right now, there is a demand for home improvement projects. With people still spending a lot of time at home, they are eager to transform and upgrade their space. This increase in home projects has also increased the demand for home improvement services. While consumers are attempting projects from home, there are just some things that they can’t do alone. 

Right now, it’s important that you are marketing your business across platforms and channels so that you have the best chance of reaching your target audience. By continuing to advertise, or even increasing your frequency, you are able to get your business seen by more consumers. The demand in the market is rising, and your business has a chance to become a leader in your category by connecting with your target audience. Provide consumers with the necessary information they are looking for, along with testimonials and visual content that allows them to see your work. 

Create Engaging Content

Your content should be engaging and empathetic. While you are looking to take on new business in the short-term, you want to ensure that you’re still remaining true to your brand and connecting with your target audience. Consider publishing a series of videos on your website and social media platforms to offer tips for small DIY ventures and maintenance of their favorite spaces.  

Keep your website up to date with the most recent information affecting your business. Let your customers know how you are able to serve them right now, and how you can do it safely. Use this time to engage with your current customers, attract new ones, and build brand awareness for the future. The content that you create to market your business right now will help increase your brand awareness, acquire new business, while also building credible relationships with those interested in doing business with you. 

Long-Term Benefits

The long term benefits of advertising now are that you will build a brand identity with your target audience that they can depend on. Continuing to advertise during unprecedented times allows for your business to remain top-of-mind, while also acquiring new customers.

By showing that your business is still able to provide quality service through your marketing, you are building credibility and confidence with potential customers. Those who choose to do business with you right now and are pleased with the outcome have a chance of becoming a repeat customer, which is extremely valuable to a business. 

One of the most important long-term benefits of advertising right now is your ability to build customer loyalty. Consumers want to find a brand or business that they can count on and trust, no matter the times. By positioning your business as one they can count on right now, you will see long-term benefits from these current marketing efforts.

Use this time to reevaluate the marketing for your home improvement business. Challenge yourself to be creative in your thinking so that your company is able to bring in more business and remain top-of-mind with consumers during this time. Advertising continuously helps you keep up the momentum you’ve built, and this time is no different. As the demand for home improvement services rises, continue to market your business as one that consumers can count on now, and in the future.

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