As industry leaders in television, digital & print, FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing is founded upon serving our clients with friendly and unmatched customer service and committed to building their brands with highly effective campaigns locally, regionally, or across the country.

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About FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing

FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing is a dynamic team of advertising and marketing consultants specializing in television, OTT, digital, and social media. With a diverse portfolio of local brands such as FOX 12 and FOX 12+, and MORE Good Day Oregon, this team understands the power of meaningful marketing and driving consumers to action.   


Our Local Station

We are known in Portland for their news, lifestyle, and sports programming and above all, our community outreach campaigns.  Home to MORE Good Day Oregon, Surprise Squad and Toy Drive, FOX 12/FOX 12+ proudly produces content and community engagement that appeals to audiences of all ages.

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"I have been working with FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing for the last three years. The advertising program they set up for me has been very effective. I have reduced my overall ad budget (print, yellow pages & internet) by 40% and business is up over 22%. Every day people come in or call and tell me they saw my tv spot."

Randy Swerdlick, Owner of The Jewelry Buyer, Inc.

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"I'm very pleased with my FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing partnership. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and flexible. The costs are always reasonable and the exposure can not be beat. As someone who has purchased media in Portland for over 20 years, FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing and their assets are a great way for us to engage with local families."

Daniel Reese, Director of Sales and Marketing at American Family Care URGENT CARE



"BMW Portland received the highest honor for 2019 from Lithia … Lithia preferred group dealer award. There are many factors that go into achieving this award and one of those is teaming up with the right advertising partners. We have been together for the last six years. To say I trust FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing would be an understatement. They have been a BIG part of BMW Portland’s success."

Andrew Clark, Center Operator/General Manager for BMW Portland



Our Community

One of FOX 12/FOX 12+'s core values is to do good in the community while inspiring others to do the same. We are committed to inform and report on community issues, plus, when possible, be the solution. Many of our community initiatives are made possible by sponsors who align with this value. If you’re interested in joining our community efforts, please reach out to FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing.


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