5 Reasons Professional Commercial Production Elevates Your Brand

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Feb 18, 2021 10:30:00 AM

5 Reasons Professional Commercial Production Elevates Your Brand

Business owners often believe that they need to come with a complete commercial in-hand when they're finally ready to advertise on TV. However, that isn't necessarily the case with the help of an experienced and reliable media partner. Having the right media partner like FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing by your side can help you produce and prepare a commercial as soon as you need it, without any compromise in quality.

If you're still unsure whether you need to work with a media partner when creating a TV commercial, the following are some benefits and tips for producing a commercial with a media partner by your side.

1. It's Better to Work with Professionals

The fact is that making commercials on your own isn't always the best bet, mainly if you're working with limited resources and an equally limited budget. You may not have the expertise or equipment needed to produce a worthwhile TV ad under pressure, and you shouldn't feel the need to when professionals are there to help. With the right media partner, you can leave the production to experienced professionals who know what a high-quality commercial entails. Your partner can learn about your goals and your brand to align your commercial's production and messaging with your mission and core message. As a result, you won't need to scramble to collect resources and create a commercial that may not do your brand justice.

2. Ready-Made Commercials Simply Aren't Necessary

When your business gets to the point where it's ready to advertise on TV, you don't need to have a ready-made commercial prepared to launch. In some cases, it may be best to avoid having an ad ready early on if you decide to rebrand or make other changes that render that commercial obsolete. Instead, it's often best to work with a partner to produce and place a commercial only once you're ready to push your brand on TV. You can still have plenty of time to devote to creating a quality commercial that gives you the results you want—you don't need to rush things, which often simply leads to sloppiness and low quality. 

3. A Media Partner Can Handle All Aspects of a Commercial

A dependable media partner can handle everything from the pre-planning to post-production of your commercials. Many businesses make the mistake of focusing too much on production, neglecting the others. If you're not experienced with commercial production and don't have the resources to handle each phase from pre- to post-production, you're less likely to produce a good ad.

Even if you're outsourcing, working with multiple production companies and freelancers to put a commercial together can lead to disorganization and a confusing overall process. Instead, it's often best to connect with a media partner capable of completing every part of the process with a deep understanding of your brand.

4. DIY Commercials Can Limit Your Success and ROI

If you try to take on a commercial project on your own, you're going to limit yourself in several ways. First, you could wind up neglecting other aspects of your business that require your attention, from marketing to hurting leads and satisfying customers. You may also wind up producing low-quality commercials as you rush through the process with limited equipment and staff. In the end, your commercial may not effectively connect with audiences who view it, preventing them from becoming customers and severely limiting your ROI. 

In short, taking on a commercial project by yourself can be a severe hindrance that only holds you back. On the other hand, a media partner can help you make the most of your advertising budget and provide you with the resources needed to produce a top-quality commercial. Meanwhile, you'll be able to spend more time running and growing your business.

5. You May Waste More Money When Making Your Own Commercials

One of the main reasons why business owners choose to make their own commercials is to save money. The problem is that while they may save on production, the results can leave businesses with minimal ROI. Inexperience and a lack of resources can leave your commercials feeling cheap, which may negatively reflect your brand when audiences view your commercials. If you want to produce a commercial that yields better results and ROI potential, you're better off investing in a professional production with a media partner.

Connect with a Media Partner to Get Started on Your Next Commercial

It's best not to go it alone when creating a TV commercial, considering the numerous benefits of working with a media partner. You can benefit from better production value, more resources, and better ROI if you connect with a trustworthy media partner. Regardless of when you need a commercial, speak with the right partner to discuss your requirements and start your next project.

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