How Digital Marketing and TV Broadcasting Can Work Together

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Apr 27, 2020 8:55:00 AM


With more people at home than usual, television viewership is up across many geographic areas. They're also logging in more than ever online, checking out social media, and utilizing streaming services to get a better idea of what's going on in the world or to entertain themselves. Your marketing, including both television broadcasting and digital marketing, should be working together to keep your audience updated, informed, and entertained. 

The Importance of Integrating Your Efforts

You want to create an experience for your customers that is integrated across all the media they are connecting with your business. This offers a number of advantages, not only for them but for your business.

Amplifies your reach. When you use multiple methods, including both digital and television marketing, you can often expand your reach well beyond what you would be able to achieve with a single platform alone. In some cases, your television ads can also bring your users to your virtual platforms, and your digital ads will help your customers recognize your TV ads when they see them. 

Gives you the ability to create different types of content. You might be sharing the same general message, but using both digital and television--and integrating those two platforms into one seamless advertising campaign--will allow you to use more forms of content. 

Allows you to test your ads on digital channels before taking them to TV. You can get a good idea of how your ads perform in a digital environment, where you can change your marketing quickly and more effectively A/B test your efforts. 

Adds touchpoints. Many customers need multiple touchpoints before they make a decision about your brand, especially if they're making a purchase for the first time. Your digital ads can help add vital touchpoints that can help build customers' awareness and opinions of your brand. 

TV ads can help add credibility to your digital marketing. Seeing your ads on television lends legitimacy to your business and lets your customers know that you're an established part of the community. 

Ways to Integrate Your Marketing

There are several strategies that can help integrate your marketing efforts. You may choose to use all of them, or you may prefer to choose the ones that are most relevant to your business. Try:

Social engagement. Your social media platforms are perfect for repurposing TV content. Your social media platforms offer an excellent opportunity to further emphasize the messaging you're already trying to get across on TV. Customers can follow your social media platforms to get a better idea of or more information about the message you're trying to share. Pairing your brand with a media partner can help to increase engagement and further your reach. 

Email marketing. Following up with your target audience through targeted email marketing can help to integrate all of your marketing efforts. Email allows you to send out updates and keep your customers in the know about what's happening with your business, from information about your current promotions to changes you may be making across your business. When you work with a media company, you aren't restricted to your own email list. You'll also get access to their email system and their expertise in reaching customers through best practices. 

OTT services. Your television ads can often be effectively repurposed for OTT services. Not only that, but you can also add specific CTAs that will enable your target audience to take action directly from the ad, which can help improve click-through rates and allow you to easily monitor the impact of specific ads on these platforms.

Digital marketing. With responsive digital ads for mobile, desktop, and tablets, you can easily and effectively retarget your audience and get your message back in front of customers who have already seen that content. Your digital marketing serves as a follow-up from your television ads, reminding your audience of the previous marketing efforts and inviting them to engage with your business all over again. 

Why You Should Integrate Your Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this pandemic, more than ever, you need to be integrating your marketing efforts. More people are watching TV, making use of OTT services, and signing in to social media. They're looking for consistent, trustworthy businesses they can count on to provide them with the latest information on their business while keeping them as safe as possible. By integrating your content during the COVID-19 crisis, you can streamline your marketing to keep in touch with your customers. Working with a media partner can help you achieve your marketing goals throughout the pandemic, and beyond, from expanding your reach to helping you produce relevant content that will provide your customers with the information they need most.

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