The Importance of Branding Your Business

Chris Krup

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Jun 15, 2020 9:30:00 AM


Branding is the marketing operation of creating a distinctive logo, name, and or design that identifies and distinguishes your brand from others, allowing you to be easily recognized by consumers. A strong sense of branding will help your company stand out in the midst of other’s marketing efforts within your industry. 

Even if you don’t always have a promotion to advertise, continuing to market your business will help you establish a well-known brand identity and increase your overall marketing return on investment. Apple is a great example of a company that advertises continuously, which has created a strong brand presence and established itself as a leader in the tech industry. Here are a few reasons why branding your business is so important.

Branding Keeps Your Business Top-of-Mind

Advertising your brand consistently helps keep your marketing momentum up during slow periods and off-seasons while remaining top-of-mind with consumers. The momentum that you retain through continuously advertising your business will then pay off when you begin to market your upcoming event, your latest promotion, or the introduction of a new product or service. A consistent presence, regardless of the medium, allows you to build up your brand presence and identity. 

Coca-Cola is a great example of a company that has continuously marketed its products using its iconic branding elements to create a well-know brand identity. Through the consistent use of its logo, brand colors, and other identifiable traits, Coca-Cola has remained top-of-mind with their audience. 

Creating a recognizable brand will help to keep your business at the forefront of your target consumer’s mind during times in which they might not need you. However, when their needs begin to shift, you have a higher chance of them choosing your business because you kept up your momentum and remained top-of-mind.  

Branding Creates An Identity

By branding your business with distinguishable elements you are helping to establish a brand identity. Your brand identity will help consumers distinguish your business from others. Brand identifiers include your logo, tone, colors, and other visual and auditory elements that represent your brand. These key branding elements help to create a correlation between your brand and the consumer. 

Branding campaigns help your business to gain exposure while establishing a strong and consistent brand identity. These campaigns are essential because their sole purpose is to create a connection with the brand’s target audience. This connection will facilitate a correlation between your brand and its values when the target consumer is presented with your brand identifiers. The more frequently in which your target audience is exposed to your brand, the stronger that identity will become among consumers. For example, brands like Apple and Coca-Cola have created consistent and powerful brand identities that have allowed them to remain top-of-mind with consumers and leaders in their industries. 

Branding Facilitates Deeper Connections with Customers

Your efforts to create a cohesive brand for your business while also facilitating deeper connections with your target consumers. Aside from increasing brand recognition, your branding efforts will familiarize your customers with the values of your business. The more familiar your audience becomes with the values of your brand, the more trust and credibility you will gain. 

Consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they trust and find credible. Through your branding campaigns, you are able to facilitate deeper connections with your customers so that you’re able to remain top-of-mind while being seen as a brand in which they can trust to value their needs. These deeper connections create brand loyalty and lifelong customers. 

The importance of branding goes far beyond consumers being able to recognize your brand by specific elements. Your branding will establish your business in your industry and create connections with your target market. The efforts you put into branding your business will continue to pay off as you continue to advertise. Consider putting together a campaign with the main goal being to raise brand awareness so that you are able to keep your business top-of-mind while strengthening your identity and connections among your target consumers.

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