Top Tips for Successfully Combining Your TV & Digital Marketing

Linda Johns

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Oct 8, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Combining TV & Digital Marketing- Top X Things you Should Know

People are watching more TV and staying logged in online now more than ever. Total hours spent on connected TV went up around 81% as the pandemic began. Those hours remain higher than pre-pandemic levels while many states have reopened as people seek information, look for ways to stay entertained, and try to take their minds off of everything going on around them.

As a marketer, you can take advantage of that increased technology use. Your marketing needs to work together to keep your audience updated, informed, and entertained. Combining your TV and digital marketing can help you create more effective advertising campaigns that address consumer needs. 

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Key Facts About Combining TV and Digital 

Combining TV and digital can significantly amplify your reach. When you combine your efforts, you can reach consumers who may use only one platform, not necessarily both. You can also create different types of content, which can help you reach several groups of consumers and provide them with the type of content they need to make buying decisions.

Lead Consumers from One Platform to Another

Through your combined TV and digital marketing efforts, you can guide consumers to take in more information from your brand. Encourage them to visit your website after viewing a TV ad. Invite them to check out your social media accounts. Your digital advertising efforts can help you add more touchpoints to your TV ads, which can increase the odds that consumers will make a decision in favor of your business. 

Increase Trust and Credibility

Consumers have a higher degree of trust in businesses that they see on TV commercials than they do the businesses they see through digital ads alone. By constructing both TV ads and digital ads, you can improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign and increase consumer trust in your business. 

Tips for Streamlining Your Marketing

In order to incorporate combined TV and digital marketing effectively, you need to streamline your efforts. By using each platform together, you can improve your ability to target, retarget, and influence your audience. Here are a few ways to do this with ease.

Social Engagement

Use your social media platforms to repurpose TV content that is formatted for social or test content before it goes to TV. Social interaction can provide a faster response that gives you a better idea of what consumers really think of your ads and which ones perform best when in front of your target audience. This can also further emphasize the important messaging you're trying to get across on TV and even encourage consumers to participate in the discussion. Consider pairing your brand alongside a media partner for increased engagement. 

Email Marketing

Follow up with your target audience through targeted email marketing messages. Your email can serve several critical purposes. For example, you can use it to send out updates and keep customers in the know with what's going on with your business, whether you've updated your safety precautions or want to share information about your latest big release. A media company can help expand your reach and give you a better idea of exactly what type of emails you need. When you work with a media company, you have access to their email system and their expertise on how to reach your target audience through best practices.

OTT Services

OTT ads allow you to reach consumers on the platforms they use to consume on-demand content. TV ads can easily be repurposed for OTT services, which means you can frequently use your existing creative to achieve those goals by reformatting and optimizing them. They can also be more highly targeted than TV ads since you can choose exactly the type of content your target audience is most likely to watch and even when they're most likely to watch it. Add in CTAs so that your target audience can take action directly from the ad. You can also observe how consumers interact with your OTT ads and what encourages them to take immediate action. 

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Digital Marketing

Retarget your audience with responsive digital ads for mobile, desktop, and tablets. Digital marketing serves as a highly effective follow-up from TV ads, reminding your audience of previous ads and encouraging them to take action. By combining your digital advertising efforts with your TV ads, you can increase the effectiveness of both types of advertising

Integrating your marketing is more important now than ever. People are consuming more content than ever before: watching TV, engaging with OTT services, and using social media on a regular basis. By combining your TV and digital marketing efforts, you can improve your ability to reach that audience. Working with a media partner can provide you with valuable guidance throughout the process, including enabling you to get a better idea of the type of content that is most likely to influence your target audience and where they are spending most of their content-consumption time.