What Technology Teaches About Making a Successful Marketing Plan

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Jul 22, 2021 1:45:00 PM

What Tech Production Can Teach You About Making a Successful Marketing Plan

With the help of CRM (customer relationship management) software, marketing has significantly shifted and expanded well beyond traditional advertising. It's those shifts that made CRM software such an integral aspect of marketing today. Technological advances like this are continuing in this industry, largely due to the pandemic, which has accelerated the process. As a result, it's essential to use this technology to your advantage and develop a successful marketing strategy. Here we'll go over some of the technology trends in marketing that you can implement for your business.

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Having an Online Presence Is More Important Than Ever 

The pandemic brought with it some significant changes, one of which was forcing all companies online. Subsequently, even the companies with a robust online presence struggled to gain a competitive edge in this environment. With the increased reliance on the internet for businesses to function, marketers need to understand certain development elements, such as HTML and CSS. However, user experience (UX) principles are crucial to ensure people can seamlessly browse your site, which increases the chances they'll buy from you and become customers.  

You want to prevent any challenging or negative navigation, as that quickly makes people leave to another page. To get the most from your online efforts, you should consider investing in digital marketing by outsourcing web development.  

If you can develop a unique and engaging online experience that appeals to your audience, you'll go a long way in staying ahead of competitors. 

A Changing World Requires Fast Changes

The pandemic also brought a certain level of tumultuousness, which forced everyone to pivot quickly to all changes. In the process, the pandemic upset the traditional order of marketing development. 

To help businesses keep up with these rapid changes, more marketers are adopting "Agile" strategies, which is often used in tech. In marketing, adopting Agile refers to using data and analytics to develop and implement solutions to particular problems proactively. It also entails quickly deploying tests, analyzing the results, and making the appropriate changes. With the right strategy, organizations can run multiple campaigns simultaneously while coming up with new ideas weekly. Even if marketing teams only implement a few fundamental principles, such as increased analytics testing and cross-functional teams, you'll be able to improve responsiveness and see improved results.  

One of the most crucial Agile elements to adopt in marketing entails setting short-term goals and working toward them to evaluate their success. In Agile, this takes place over two-week "sprints" and allows marketers to determine the outcome and decide either to continue with that strategy or adjust accordingly based on their results.  

Invest in Digital Marketing (If You Don't Already)

One of the biggest changes taking place in the marketing world today is the need for multi-channel marketing. Restricted in-store access affects how people shop, causing more people to spend more time online and at home. Reaching people across all of the channels they might encounter, from video ads on YouTube to email marketing, increases the chances they'll see your ads. The pandemic also made it necessary for businesses to find ways to provide products and services in alternate ways. 

Companies could previously depend on traditional advertising or foot traffic alone but now benefit from online advertising in several ways. For instance, businesses could now promote shipping and pickup options to attract and retain customers. To make sure potential and existing customers are aware of these changes, they could develop a multi-channel marketing campaign. Using a combination of TV and digital marketing, businesses can launch ads that connect with audiences who are online and in front of the TV. The company could encourage people to visit their website using both of these platforms. Through their website, marketers could include lead magnets that encourage people to subscribe to the company's email, which marketers could use to further advertise the changes. 

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to use digital marketing to maximize reach and remain connected with audiences, regardless of how business may change. 

Adaptability Is the Key To Success In Marketing

As the pandemic proved, each company's marketing needs to be adaptable for them to remain successful. In turn, in-house marketing and companies need to adapt and make the most of any changes taking place. If you want to make sure your team is ready to adapt, it helps to have a reliable partner by your side. An experienced media partner will have plenty of expertise in these changes and help you manage through this time. 

Even as the pandemic and its effects begin to fade in many aspects, its impact on technology in marketing will be everlasting. Additionally, other unexpected changes could be on the horizon that your business should be able to embrace. By working with a FOX 12 Marketing Specialist, you can be confident your business will thrive as it harnesses new developments and evolves. 

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