Why Advertising Year-Round Keeps Your Home Improvement Company Going

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Nov 9, 2021 10:59:00 AM

Why Advertising Year-Round Keeps Your Home Improvement Company Going

While marketing is a necessary learning experience for small businesses, avoid thinking of it as a set of intermittent campaigns. It's vital to market your home improvement business year-round — not just during your busy season. A consistent ad presence keeps your business top-of-mind from the beginning of their buyer journey until it comes time to purchase, and it conveys to customers that your brand is here to genuinely enhance their lives.   

Year-round advertising spreads brand awareness and makes your company a valuable asset to your customers even when they're not purchasing. Home improvement is a considerable investment, so even if customers aren't hiring you yet, they're still researching or saving up to do so. To illustrate the importance of this, 84% of consumers buy from brands that treat them like a person, not a number. Advertising beyond your busy season delivers that personable message to your audience.   

Here's why you should advertise all year and tips for executing it flawlessly.  

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The Benefit of Marketing All Year  

The most significant benefit for small businesses advertising all year is the increase in brand awareness and recall or recognition. In other words, it teaches customers your name regardless of whether they need your services and keeps your business top of mind for your customers before their need arises. That high degree of recognition instantly makes you a trustworthy and credible solution to their problems, and it encourages them to seek you out when the time comes.  

It works so well because it gets you ahead of the curve and your competition. By the time it's peak season, your customers would have already exceeded the 5 to 7 impressions necessary to recall your brand and can immediately benefit from having trust by recognition (71% of consumers will likely make a purchase from a brand they recognize. 

Some other benefits include: 

  • Meeting customer expectations 
  • Collect more consumer data to inform future decisions 
  • Build more meaningful relationships with your consumers 

Top Tips for Year-Round Home Improvement Company Advertising  

Now that you know why you need to advertise all year round let's dive into the top tips for helping your businesses execute it flawlessly.   

Ramp Up Advertising Ahead of Your Season  

Your marketing fluctuates in intensity based on your busy season. You should always increase ads leading up to your season to increase 'top-of-mind' awareness among your target audience while keeping a baseline of awareness ads during your off-season. For most home improvement companies in Portland, peak season typically lands between May and September, but this varies depending on the type of business.  

Many businesses in this industry start ramping up advertising around March or April, one to two months beforehand. However, keep in mind the necessary allotted times vary from business to business. The length of your sales funnel and customer journey affects how long before your season you should advertise. A lawn service company can get away with a shorter time frame of a few weeks, whereas a company selling larger items, like boats or camping equipment, likely needs the entire two months to convert.  

Conduct Research and Planning During Your Off-Season  

Your off-season doesn't mean you are 'off.' It provides you with more free time to get ahead of the curve and your competition by planning your marketing campaigns and budget. Use the free time to create display ads and budget for them accordingly. Getting that out of the way prepares and organizes yourself for peak season, making your businesses 397% more likely to report success.    

There are a few ways you can lay out and plan your marketing: 

  • Creating a content calendar 
  • Create TV commercials ahead of time 
  • Develop a marketing calendar  

Create Consistency Across Your Brand  

Creating brand consistency cannot be recommended enough. Making a unified look across your website, logos, physical printed materials, and TV commercials helps your customers recognize your brand quickly. In turn, that makes you seem more trustworthy and credible so that people will buy from you more readily.  

Customers don't just appreciate consistency — they expect it. Even better, most of the industry isn't taking advantage of it yet! Although only 9% of marketers can currently engage customers across all channels, 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels. Optimizing your brand consistency ensures you're a part of that 9%, building trust and credibility ahead of most companies. 

Execute Your Campaigns Perfectly with the Help of a Media Partner 

There may be no doubt that your team is up for the challenge of expanding your advertising from just peak season to all year. However, a media partner helps you surpass any challenges. In today's market, it's no longer enough to meet expectations. You must exceed customer expectations to drown out all noise from your competitors, letting you focus on the day-to-day company tasks, while FOX 12/FOX 12+ Marketing gives you a hands-off approach to marketing without sacrificing quality.  

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