Why Buying Digital from Your Local News Is a Smart Investment

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Jan 19, 2022 11:39:00 AM

Why Buying Digital from Your Local News Is a Smart Investment

When considering working with local TV news stations, most business owners may want to do so primarily to reach TV audiences. However, many TV stations may also help you purchase digital assets for your business. If you're wondering why buying digital advertising from your local news is worth the investment, there are certain benefits to keep in mind. 

The following are some of the specific advantages of digital ad buys with local TV stations. 

Learn how to integrate your TV and digital Ads

Streamlines Your Marketing 

Although TV advertising is still highly effective in helping reach millions of consumers, it's important to have combined marketing campaigns to maximize your reach. Implementing combined TV and digital campaigns will help you connect with more customers partially due to today's viewer behavior. Just consider that 88% of people use a second screen while watching TV, including smartphones and tablets. By combining digital and TV advertising, you'll be sure to reach these audiences. 

The right media partner can pair ads and arrange digital campaigns to be more active around the same time your commercials air. In turn, people will encounter your digital assets when your commercials air when your brand is still fresh in their minds. Because of this, your brand will have a better chance of staying top-of-mind among consumers, which is critical when people are just learning about you.  

TV Raises Awareness, Digital Drives Action 

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 9.35.20 AMIf your main goal is to increase brand awareness, TV remains one of the most effective platforms to use. Meanwhile, digital marketing encourages action by promoting clicks and getting people to visit your website. TV will then supplement your digital efforts by lending more credibility to your brand and building recognition. 

Seeing how TV reinforces digital marketing campaigns, you can use your media partner as a resource to pair up ads and ensure they're stylistically cohesive. That will help maintain consistency across your TV, digital, and print campaigns. Consistency is critical as it helps solidify your brand identity in your audience's minds, helping them understand how your business can help them. Subsequently, you'll build more trust among audiences. 

You can also connect your TV and digital campaigns to help them build off one another. For example, you could launch TV ad campaigns that encourage people to follow you on social media. People can then use their smartphones to find your profile and follow you, which will allow you to engage with them on these platforms. People may then visit your website and learn more about you from there. Even if customers choose not to make a purchase right then and there, retargeting ads could follow them across other platforms, eventually bringing them back to you.  

TV Stations Know Their Customers 

Another advantage of working with local news outlets is that TV stations know viewership ratings. They also have knowledge and expertise regarding their customers, which they can implement when setting up your company's digital campaigns.   

Keep in mind that digital advertising is all about efficiency to make sure your ad spend goes toward reaching the most relevant audiences. With the help of a dependable media partner, you don't have to figure this out yourself. Instead, let your media partner handle this task while you focus on growing your business. As a result, you'll benefit from well-optimized digital ad campaigns that effectively complement your TV commercials. 

Media Partners Have Educational Resources 

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 9.35.25 AMTo get the most from your advertising and marketing campaigns, you must have a deep understanding of your audience. That includes their demographics and other traits and their behaviors as both TV viewers and online consumers. Media partners have broader access to market research, which offers invaluable insight into consumer trends and behavior. Their insight will give you more in-depth knowledge about your specific audiences and enable you to cater to their unique needs. 

With more knowledge of your audience and what they want from your brand, you'll be able to hyper-target your marketing. You can then determine what works and what doesn't to optimize campaigns further.  

A media partner will also help keep you up to date on the latest industry and audience trends, which helps prevent your efforts from becoming outdated. Instead, you'll be able to keep up with the times and continually speak to your audience. 

Connect with a Media Partner to Get the Most from TV and Digital 

If you're new to marketing, you might be wondering, "How do I buy digital advertising and TV together?" The answer is to team up with a dependable media partner who has the connections and resources you need. Working with the right expert will help you get the results you want within the timeframe you want. Furthermore, it will help avoid the potential wastefulness of learning how to achieve the same results on your own.   

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