Why You Should Buy Digital Ads From a TV Station

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Jan 12, 2021 10:38:00 AM

Why You Should Buy Digital Ads From a TV Station

Many people may not even think about purchasing digital assets from TV stations, but it can be invaluable for businesses in several ways. When you partner with a TV station, you can benefit from additional educational resources for your company, a broader scope, and a combination of both TV and digital marketing campaigns to get the best of both worlds.

Here are some specific reasons why you should consider digital marketing with a TV station. 

TV Stations Have Educational Resources to Help You Succeed

TV stations often have access to plenty of market research, such as data gathered by media company MNI Targeted Media Inc, along with Nielsen, Kantar, comScore, Scarborough, and other agencies. In the process, TV stations can use the data collected to develop effective marketing campaigns and assets. They also have sufficient experience to make sure clients understand the research behind their campaigns.

Many of the same metrics that provide insights to marketers regarding TV viewer behavior can also develop and buy digital ads. Companies that connect with TV stations will have access to crucial data such as target audience buying behavior, audience segments, and the digital platforms those audiences use most frequently.

TV Has a Broad Scope to Help You Reach More Consumers

Another advantage of working with a TV station is that television has a comprehensive scope. Using TV, you can connect with many viewers in your service areas, increasing your business’s chances of reaching local consumers interested in your offerings. You'll ultimately be able to use TV to reinforce your digital campaigns. While commercials target a geographic location and are tailored to speak to your target audience, the same principles can apply to purchasing digital assets. Subsequently, you can benefit from a more convenient and efficient experience working with TV stations for both TV and digital marketing.

Some TV clients are willing to explore digital with their media partner to provide a seamless experience, to ensure that their digital and broadcast campaigns work cohesively, and one doesn't negatively affect the other. TV stations can provide the guidance required to ensure companies make the right decisions regarding advertising, from the types of digital platforms to use to the steps needed for integrating them with TV ads.

TV and Digital is Better Leveraged Together

Digital marketing and TV commercials often go hand-in-hand for many audiences. In fact, 88% of internet users are likely to browse while watching TV using their smartphones or another device. Sixty-six percent of audiences are also likely to look up a brand in an ad after a TV commercial. With so many audiences browsing and watching simultaneously, it frequently pays to work with a TV station to implement digital assets. TV can also lend more credibility to digital ads. TV commercials on people's favorite stations tend to build more trust in a business than random ads that people encounter online. With TV and digital combined, you can harness the powers of both to benefit you in a complete, cohesive campaign.

With a reputable TV station behind your digital advertising, you'll be able to work with a team of experienced in-house staff who know how to put together the perfect commercial, many of which can be repurposed for digital video ads by making simple changes to creative. Companies that work with TV stations can align their digital campaigns with TV ads to make sure branding is consistent across all channels. As a result, your commercials and digital ads will share the same messaging, tone, creative elements, and other aspects that increase brand recognition and reputability.

You'll further benefit in a number of ways when you work with a single team to handle both digital and TV ads. In addition to consistent branding across your ads, you'll be able to save more time to achieve the same goals. You'll also avoid the need to consult with multiple teams when only one is responsible for handling your commercials and digital assets. In turn, you'll benefit from more efficient communication and design processes that can otherwise consume more time and energy.

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You can also save money by working with a single TV station for running television and digital campaigns. By consolidating both campaigns under the same roof, you can see the kind of cost-effectiveness you may not experience otherwise.

Consider Digital Marketing with a TV Station to Get Optimal Results

Your business can benefit significantly when you work with a TV station to buy digital assets along with broadcast campaigns. With the same teams behind your TV and digital marketing efforts, you'll have access to all of the research and data you need to inform your campaigns, and you'll be able to optimize their performance to generate more sales and better ROI.

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